CYBERPUNK CHALLENGE | "Heaven's Hell" - Update 3

Work In Progress / 29 February 2020

It's been too long since the last update. Having seen some of the other entries, I'm blown away by some of the other ideas and progress that are out there. I'm still playing a bit with some different compositional ideas and lighting scenarios. I wasn't feeling too satisfied with the direction that I was going with the initial setup. It felt a little flat & monotone. Having received some feedback that the scene was also too dark, I decided to play with the idea of some warmer tones and bump up the exposure on the skylight texture to lift the scene a bit. I've played about with different light intensities for wall fixtures to try and detract a bit from the perimeter and refocus the scene back to the sunken bar a little bit more. Though I think it feels a little unfocused still.

Other inclusion I've made is a verandah to try and break up the space a bit more. There was a lot of empty room and adding it helped to fill in the space a little bit. I've blocked out a couple of teriarty shapes for a carpet, vending machine and kiosk. The one thing I'm pretty happy with though is the multi-screen array in the background

Next thing I'm moving on to is refining the walls and start building up those shapes a little more. This will also be where I start building up textures and trim sheets for the scene. Any feedback or comments will be greatly appreciated. Till then, peace!