CYBERPUNK CHALLENGE | "Heaven's Hell" - Update 2

Work In Progress / 19 February 2020

Back with another update. I'm playing about with a couple of different shape ideas for the dome. I like the idea of the double concentric circles but it may be a little bit too much. I also tried playing with the thickness of some of the beams and tested some verticals. I think those don't work as well as they're creating a lot of visual noise in the scene.








I've also started to refine some of the pillars a little bit as the verticals that I had before were too plain. The idea with these as well is to go with big and chunky. Also, the light fixtures on the pillars have been rotated 90 to help lead the eye in a little bit more. One thing I have started playing about with a bit more is lighting in the scene. I've enabled Distance Fields and Screen Space GI. Although it looks like the two of them don't work hand in hand. With SSGI, the scene looks a little washed out but with out it, I lose that nice bounce I was getting from the emissives. Haven't decided yet which direction I'm going to take it but some kind of middle ground with be nice.

Last but not least, I'm starting to lock down the cameras and try to find some nice compositions. I'm playing about with different lenses and fov's. So far, I think the ultra-wides seem to work fairly decently but they are oepning up a lot of empty space. Might play about with them a bit more.


I'm happy with this direction and will probably stick with this. Till next time. Peace!