CYBERPUNK CHALLENGE | "Heaven's Hell" - Bar

Work In Progress / 15 February 2020


Heaven's Hell


The year is 2045. Rampant growth in global expansionisim by two of worlds biggest megacorporations, Antel & Farrow Industries has seen the world pushed to a new level of societal upheavel. To the West, the streets are alight with rampant fires and clouds of acid. Diseases spread, with the common folk left to fend themselves, against an enemy whose sole purpose is to limit the flow of resources and supplies to those who can afford the bill. But the higher ups in Farrow go a step further, and flood the black market with illicit drugs and weapons. For those who lack the will, a state of limbo, constantly teetering on the edge of death, unable to escape their hellish prison. Some resist, most fail. To those who fight, a fate worse than death, where limbs are ripped from their bodies. Their parts, stored in cryogenic containers to be sold on the black market.

To the East, where Antel controls the largest weapons & bio-engineering facilities. The citizens are in a constant state of surveillance. Through biometrics and implants, Antel's security division, keep a close eye on those who seek to undermine them. Take one step over the line and a microchip sends a shockwave to the brain. The results are not pleasant. And if somehow, AnSec's nanobots don't get you, their elite squadron of knights known as the Orions, will be sent to finish the job.

In the midst of all this, a refuge, or safe house rather, where the rich and powerful continue to look on with pride and self-admiration. To the patrons of Heaven's Hell, the place serves as a means to shy away from the responsibilities and the chaos they have created. Instead, toasting to the end of civilization. A few appear uneased at what the establishment represent but most shrug off any notion of guilt or shame. Yet amongst the glitz and lavish cocktails, a dark undertone, that even the elites themselves, may not be aware of.


I thought it might be interesting to explore the idea of duplicity with this environment. In this world, the elites believe that they have control and a firm grasp on society. But hidden away, lies some clues that indicate that their rich and "safe" lifestyle may all just be a simulation. Security cameras dorn the walls and ceilings of this establishment, recording their every move. A giant screen in the background that shows an abstract piece, interlaced with flashes of fire and a malicious presence. I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from titles such as System Shock, Deus Ex, Blade Runner and Appleseed Ex Machina. Other sources of inspiration include VA-11Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, Arknights and a trove of anime and novels that are way too many to list.


I've been captivated by Liam Wong's work and his use of colours in his shots to achieve the cyberpunk neon aesthetic. But I'm kinda intrigued to explore how some of those colours may work within an interior setting. Other sources of reference/inspiration comes from teamLab's Borderless exhibit in Tokyo. I was really taken by their use of space to make it feel like an endless world, where one could get lost in there.

Some of the preliminary reference gathered for various props & set dressing elements:


These are the goals/objectives which I hope to achieve with this environment. As time will be a critical factor in this challenge, speed, effeciency and proper planning will be the main driving force that I hope will allow me to achieve them.

  • Take an environment from start to finish
  • Mood & storytelling through composition & atmospherics
  • Efficient texturing & material workflow
  • Idenfity areas that can be automated.
  • Modularity & Instancing
  • Improve lighting proficiency
  • Improve hard surface modelling


Aside from collecting references, I've spent the last couple of days creating the initial blockout and try and get a feel for the space. For the challenge, I want to keep the scope relatively small but yet play with the sense of scale.

To all taking part in this challenge, good luck and have fun! Let's rock it!